BinanceTurns3: The Future of Digital Payments and Crypto

The BinanceTurns3 conference: Off The Charts, celebrating 3 years of the world’s largest exchange, is loaded with panels reflecting the evolution of the world. It can be seen in the exhibition they made about the future of digital payments and crypto, being a particularly important topic for Binance and its new projects.

Would a second wave of Coronavirus benefit Bitcoin?

Digital payment platforms with crypts
This is a topic we have discussed on several occasions here at CryptTrend, because the future of digital payments determines the adoption of crypts. For this reason, because it is such an important topic, the people from Binance brought us some high quality experts.

Starting with Sean Rolland, representing the legendary Crypto Cash platform that has fought for the adoption of crypts since its creation, BitPay. Which brings us to another representative of cryptomonies, who has fought for the union of the traditional world with the Blockchain, being John Khenneth Parungao representing SwipeWallet.

Coming back from fighters for the future of digital payments, we meet Tyler Spalding, being the founder of the payment network, Flexa. Finally, we have the support of an expert in the area, moderating the panel, Kristina Lucrezia Corner from CoinTelegraph.

From cash to digital

To start the panel, Rolland begins by raising the idea that the world is evolving, and the current situation is an accelerator. By this we mean that, years ago, thinking about paying with something other than cash was impossible. However, over the years, we have seen that the world has been changing, either by taste or by necessity.

„With the world in the current state of pandemic, where they might not accept your cash out of fear, it causes the world to be more exposed to the world of digital payments. Sean Rolland – BitPay.

In this way, Rolland states that the Coronavirus situation is accelerating the adoption of alternative means to cash. He emphasizes that, even paying with a card, you have to mark the pin and so on.

Spalding reinforces this idea from the other point of view, that is, adoption is being accelerated by people’s tastes and demand, and not by necessity. This means that people want to be able to trade anywhere in the world.

„In Mexico they don’t want Euros, and Europe doesn’t want Pesos. That is why a digital medium is needed to exchange values, even if the assets are also digital“. Tyler Spalding – Flexa

In addition, it stands out because the crypts have become so strong, since they manage to satisfy this demand of people.